Reading Here Reading Beware of the Villainess! Novel After 18 chapters I've had enough of this, all characters save the MC are completely unrealistic and two dimensional selfish assholes, all broken people by any normal person standards. I've only read about two of the male leads but both and her father are just like that, unrealistic caricatures. This is done of course with the intent to be funny, I don't find it funny. Add to that that 80% of the story so far is either the MC having some dumb inner dialogue (either explaining things that need no explanation or just going into the nooks and crannies of those around her) or some inconsequential dialogue, it leaves only about 20% of each chapter to some kind of action or development. This is beyond slow, I like slow stories, but those usually employ the time for development, either of story, world or characters this is just reading the MC's inane self monologues. Sure, I didn't give the story enough time and maybe it's better later, but such a start doesn't tempt me to reach that later. EDIT: I re-read it since so many sing high praises, I find what I wrote above to be spot on. I guess it depend on whether one finds it funny or not, most seem to like the humor, I on the other hand can't understand how anyone can find this funny, though I admit to have a different kind of sense of humor to most people I know. I often get too annoyed, for example at the MC not being able to have a normal conversation with anyone, each and every character unilaterally spouts a load of BS and she just takes it most of the time, it piles and then she explodes, in either case communication here is one way when normal communication is two ways, it's quite unsatisfying. This and the cartoony chars are made on purpose, the author herself(?) aludes to the clichés and two dimensional personalities of the characters, I think it was ch28, the MC analyses some of the clichés of the genre, I found that the only really interesting ch so far. I pretty much forced myself to keep going and fortunately the pace picks up after ch20 and she's able to have some more "freedom" to do what she wants. It's not great but decent after those first 20ch which I found dreadfully bad.