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Teaching the Tyrant Manners

Reading Manhwa Teaching the Tyrant Manners at Manhwa Website.

Teaching the Tyrant Manners I came into the world of a novel I was reading, and became an unknown extra destined for a miserable life.Teaching manners to a crazy bastard who turns into a tyrant? Manners, my ass!Quick thinking was my only means of survival. I tried everything to prevent such a tragic relationship with the tyrant from happening. I kicked, punched and screamed my head off, but I was still beaten in the end. Actually, he’s unexpectedly docile at times and even told me, “You’re the first person who understands me.”The male lead’s personality is strange.“Anyway, you shouldn’t do that to a woman.”“Isn’t it okay to kiss in a bind?” “No! I meant that you can’t kiss someone without their permission.”Somewhat miffed, Croft then gave a mischievous grin as he approached her. Bending down to Rivi’s eye level, he asked in a soft voice with glimmering red eyes, “So you’re saying there’s no problem if you give me permission?” After hearing his words, Rivier’s heart poundes in trepidation. Tugging at her hand, he held it tightly, pulling his elbow as far as he could, before he stretched his arm out like a bow.Bam! Rivier accurately jabbed Croft’s abdomen.Wait, why is there such a hard lump?!

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