Beorim Badeun Hwangbi

Reading Here Reading The Abandoned Empress Novel I like the manhwa, but as the story progressed, they fall out in many ways. Season 1 to early season 3 is good, even tho they omitted a lot of things but it's okay. but the flaws getting more clearer as the more Tia had aged. You see, Tia finally reached the age of coming and she involved more in the empire's political warfare... but instead, they cut out the political matters a lot and it made everything rushed out here and there. When you read the novel, it's clearly a political-romance novel, with politics plays a really big role in the story's direction. To be honest, the novel really lacks romantic scenes that I doubt really the main point of the story. But, the story narrated through Tia's POV so it's a mix of them. About the whole controversy of the spoiler, it depends on how readers' perception of Tia's character. It's complicated to pinpoint since every reader has a different perception of Tia's character from the start of the story. But, I think the closest description of Tia's character is: She is a hopeless romantic girl, always wishing for a fairy-tale love (the true love, eternal one partner) but she was traumatized to love someone romantically but at the same time she wants to be loved like how she wished. That's her character-driven through the whole story. She has an unquenchable thirst for love, everything she does has something to do with not wanting to be abandoned. That's why she always avoids the path where she might get feeling hurt for being abandoned by someone she loved. She was traumatized for being abandoned by someone she devoted her heart to. So, with that characterization of her, that got mixed up with the reader's perception of her, it's understandable why a lot of people got mad on this story. And the prologue doesn't give you a great impression of the ML. My suggestion is to separate him from his title as "emperor and ML" to understand his core character and development through the story. It's not meant to make you sympathize with him, but to understand fully his nature. I think his nature is very similar to Tia: he's hopeless romantic, he has an unquenchable thirst for love. Back to why the manhwa went downhill, they crop important events but at the same time adding more typical shoujo's troupe that makes the romance that readers supposed to like looks toxic, even for me who like the story.