La señorita no tan compinche

Reading Here Reading Miss Not-So Sidekick Novel This manhwa is one of the funniest tsukkomi's (pretty much almost a parody of the isekai genre) that I've read so far. The random fugly facial expressions add so much to the humor, not to mention all of the references to different Japanese manga thrown about from the female lead, who was isekai'ed from Earth and put into the body of a tertiary character (as the title suggests). A fan of the novel the new world is based on, she knows of the events that will happen to the female protagonist, so she goes to each place as a spectator...only to change the flow of the story by being able to emphasize with others through knowing/learning their background. The story's emphases are on popcorn, 3D blue/red movie glasses, magic that makes one float/fly/teleport, and 3 male leads that seem disinterested in/mean toward women. I repeat: those random faces that they make are hilarious (albeit often ugly for the sake of humor). I laugh so much at how this story makes fun of the isekai genre while having a plot that makes total sense in regards to relationships between characters, and even points out the horror of fangirls and stalkers and how that affects famous people. It uses curse words to create antagony between the characters despite their nobility.