Méchante malgré moi

Reading Here DELICIOUS SO DELICIOUS. I love the story! She's not all over the prince and she has her goals set. She's not weak, annoying or pathetic. I read this all night and it was worth it. love where its going so far and I highly recommend it. The story may seem kinda unoriginal but there are parts where i have never read before. The art is ok but I was resident a bit because It gave off the 'typical' style. But honestly its good, neat, pretty and easy to follow. The dresses are drawn well and the suites as well. Even the empress is dressed well. I love most of the dresses and the accessories, as well as the other fancy stuff. I feel like i needed to say that becuase this is "noble" type of story and honestly stories like these sometimes have 'eh' dresses and details despite the plot being in a high-class royal setting. I felt the author did well here. (I understand that it takes a very very very long time making webtoons but like if you're looking for something more in details this is good!). The characters are all loveable! I like the female lead WHICH IS IMPORTANT !!! SHES NOT DULL OR A PUSHOVER !! Side characters are lovable as well as the ladies in need, family, and her parents. I highly recommend it! Go start reading!