Why Are You Doing This Duke?

Reading Here At first I thought it'd be a weird plot with low developed characters. It is true in parts. The way the Duke becames completely dumb and on four legs for the MC is out of this world. Really. It gets boring sometimes. However, after a few chapters it improved a lot. Especially because of the major changes on the couple dynamics. At this point, I guess the plot got better and there are more things to be explained during the next chapters. The MC makes me feel sick at most part of time. I got the feeling that she is too superficial. Of course she has a complex past and many complicated relations, but I understand from what point she's coming after 35 chs. I liked how the plot and the characters developed after chapter 30. The Duke himself is something else. He's got the Omg I Am The God Of Death And Feared All Over The Country vibe that I love so much, but he's also pretty intelligent and capable of realizing important details as they happen. In other perspective, I'd say "don't read", but I'll change it for "survive until the first 25 chapters" and pray for the best.